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To Aru Majutsu no Index

A Certain Magical Index is set in Academy City, a technologically advanced academic city located at western Tokyo which studies scientifically advanced superhuman students with powers, but is also set in a world where magic is real. Toma Kamijo is a student in Academy City whose right hand, the Imagine Breaker, has the ability to negate any supernatural powers, but also negates his own luck. One day he finds a young girl hanging on his balcony railing named Index. She is a nun from Necessarius, a secret magic branch of the Church of England, and her mind has been implanted with the Index Librorum Prohibitorum—103,000 forbidden magical books the Church has removed from circulation. His encounter with her leads him to meet others from the secret world of science and magic and an adventure with his friends where science and magic collide. Toma's unusual power places him at the center of conflicts relating magicians and science-based espers in Academy City. As Toma tries to help and protect his friends, he learns the people he knows are not as they appear and begins to attract the attention of magicians and espers alike as they try to unravel the secrets of Academy City and Index.

Tōma Kamijō
Voiced by: Atsushi Abe (Japanese), Micah Solusod (English)
Tōma Kamijō (上条 当麻 Kamijō Tōma?) is the series' main protagonist. His parents are Tōya and Shiina Kamijō. He tends to stay away from trouble but possesses a strong sense of justice. He is an average student and knowledgeable about certain subjects yet is a failure in his esper studies. While he is an idealist for the hopes of other people, ironically he is cynical about himself possibly because of his powers.
His right hand contains a power called Imagine Breaker (幻想殺し (イマジンブレイカー) Imajin Bureikā?, "Illusion/Fantasy Killer"), a power which negates all magic, psychic, or divine powers but also his own good luck ("divine providence" as defined by Index). Because this ability can not be detected through testing, he has been given the lowest psychic rank, Level 0. Due to the nature of his power, the founder of Academy City considers him neither a Psychic nor a Magician but rather a normal person with a unique ability.

Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)
Index (禁書目録 (インデックス) Indekkusu?), also known by her full name Index Librorum Prohibitorum ("List of Prohibited Books"), is one of the main heroines and the titular character of the series. She is a young nun from Necessarius (必要悪の教会 Hitsuyōaku no Kyōkai?, "Church of Necessary Evil"), a branch of the Church of England. Index is small in stature and has a petite build. About 15 years old, she has thigh-length, silvery-blue hair with very white skin and large green eyes. She also wears a white robe with golden embroidery sewed onto every edge of it, the Walking Church, that prevents any injury on her, but it is later destroyed by Tōma when he touched it with his right hand, which is why her uniform is stitched with golden pins. Her mind has been implanted with the 103,000 magical texts of the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum as she possesses Photographic memory, which makes magicians wonder if she really is human because just one grimoire is poisonous to the mind, and one is more than enough to kill a person without the proper preparative.

Mikoto Misaka
Voiced by: Rina Satō (Japanese), Brittney Karbowski (English)
Mikoto Misaka (御坂 美琴 Misaka Mikoto?) is one of the series' main heroines, as well as the main protagonist of the side story, A Certain Scientific Railgun. Her parents are Tabigake and Misuzu Misaka, which her father is a prominent businessman and millionaire. Despite her rich background, she grew up in a normal typical childhood.
At a young age, she was discovered to be a Level 1 Electromaster (電撃使い (エレクトロマスター) Erekutoromasutā?, lit. "Electricity User"), espers who have the ability to generate and control electricity, and see beyond the visible electromagnetic spectrum. She enrolled into Academy City to train her powers and worked very hard until her powers were ranked Level 5, the highest esper ranking, with her being the third strongest of the seven espers with this rank. As an electromaster, she can generate and manipulate electricity which she can use to shock opponents, hack into electronics like computer networks and security systems, and use electromagnetism to cling to surfaces or manipulate iron particles into a chain-sword whip. Mikoto's signature move is her ability to shoot metal projectiles such as coins at high destructive speeds, hence her nickname, "Railgun" (超電磁砲 (レールガン) Rērugan?, lit. "Super Electromagnetic Cannon"). If she is in a bad mood, she will sometimes let out bursts of electricity describing her emotional stress, usually resulting in power failures or in worse cases, a thunder storm that causes citywide blackouts.

Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese), Austin Tindle (English)
Accelerator (一方通行 (アクセラレータ) Akuserarēta?) is the most powerful esper in Academy City, ranking at the top of the seven Level 5s in the city. His real name is unknown, though Accelerator recalls his surname was composed of two kanji characters and his given name consisted of three kanji characters. First appearing as an antagonist of the third light novel, he later becomes a main protagonist in the science side of the Toaru Majutsu no Index series in a notable number of volumes of the light novels. His name is written as "Ippōtsūkō", meaning "One-Way Road". His ability allows him to control any vector he touches including motion, heat, electricity and wind. This allows him to perform various feats such as reflecting bullets, launching heavy objects, and even reversing the flow of blood in people's bodies. Since his natural ability blocks all ultraviolet radiation, he has an albino appearance with white hair.

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http://www.arga7.net/2011/07/to-aru-majutsu-no-index.html (Season I)
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