Rabu, 28 Agustus 2013

Guilty Crown - Release My Soul

  • 1. βios 
  • 2. α
  • 3. Ω
  • 4. Ready to Go 
  • 5. friends 
  • 6. VOiD
  • 7. gエ19
  • 8. θεοι
  • 9. close your eyes 
  • 10. βασιλευζ
  • 11. π
  • 12. Release My Soul 
  • 13. κrOnё
  • 14. Hill Of Sorrow 
  • 15. αποκσλυψιζ
  • 16. Home ~in this corner~ 
  • 17. Genesi§
  • 18. βιοζ-δ 
  • 19. Rё∀L 

Release My Soul Lyric

Oh take a look in the mirror, you look so sad
It's so cold like that winter market we used to go
I don't cry anymore but I feel so hurt

So I don't need you too close to me
You don't hear me, so you said
I don't know why thing have changed since yesterday

This could be love again
All I need is you
Come back, I'm waiting anytime the heavy rains come
Still I miss days with you
I can't look into your face
Oh Feeling blue and looking back again
Please come back to me

*  **  *** Repeat

To stay with you always
You're the world to me
And dreaming on
So you can take my sword for you
Oh How do you feel so fine
You're the world to me
And dream on
You stole my heart so long ago
Oh I release my soul
So you feel my song

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