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The World God Only Knows

Name:    The World God Only Knows

Alternate Name:     The World God Only Knows, Kami no Mizo Shiru Sekai
Year of Release:     2008
Status:    Ongoing
Author:     Wakaki Tamiki
Artist:     Wakaki Tamiki
Reading Direction:     Right to Left
Genre:     Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen

The World God Only Knows (神のみぞ知るセカイ?, Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai), abbreviated as Kaminomi (神のみ?), is a manga series written and illustrated by Tamiki Wakaki. The manga has been serialized in the Weekly Shōnen Sunday magazine by Shogakukan since April 9, 2008, with individual chapters collected in fourteen tankōbon volumes as of September 2011. The prototype version of the story was first featured as a one-shot on Weekly Shōnen Sunday on its 2007 Issue 32 release, and was titled "Koishite!? Kami-sama!!" (恋して!? 神様?). The 2010 Issue #19 of Weekly Shōnen Sunday announced an anime adaptation had been green-lit, which premiered on October 6, 2010. The Blu-ray release will take place on January 24.

Keima Katsuragi, a second-year high school student, is an avid bishōjo game player. He is known on the Internet as "The God of Conquests" (落とし神 Otoshi-gami?) for his legendary skills to be able to "conquer" any 2D girl in games. However, in his actual school life, Keima is known as otamegane (オタメガネ?), a derogatory portmanteau of the two words otaku (オタク?) and megane (メガネ?, "glasses"), and is considered nothing but an intelligent yet gloomy geek with glasses.

At the start of the series, Keima receives an e-mail offering him a contract to "conquer" girls. When he accepts it, thinking it is an invitation to a game, a demon from Hell named Elsie appears. She asks for his cooperation to help her in catching runaway spirits: Loose Souls. These spirits hide themselves inside the hearts of girls, and Elsie suggests that the only method to force the spirits out is by "conquering" the girls hearts, making them fall in love with him and filling up the gaps which the runaway spirits hide in. Interested only in video game girls, however, Keima is appalled by the idea, and refuses the assignment as he has no romantic real life experiences whatsoever. Nevertheless, with the contract already agreed, Keima has no choice but to help Elsie no matter what, as they will be beheaded if they fail.

Aside from focusing on Keima and Elsie's adventures on capturing spirits, the series also makes fun and parodying common and popular cliches about dating sims, anime character stereotypes, and pop culture.

Main Characters
Keima Katsuragi (桂木 桂馬 Katsuragi Keima?)
    Voiced by: Hiro Shimono (Japanese), Chris Patton (English)
    Keima is the series' main protagonist. A 17-year-old high school student from Maijima Academy, he has an obsessive interest in video games since an early age where he soon became known as "The Capturing God" (落とし神 Otoshi-gami?) on the internet and gaming world for his legendary skills in "capturing" any girls in dating sims especially Bishōjo games. Yet ironically in real life, he is called otamegane (オタメガネ?) (a derogatory portmanteau of the two words otaku (オタク?) and megane (メガネ?, "glasses")) by almost everyone in his school due to his extreme devotion to games. Due to his devotion, the only kind of girls he likes are the girls of the game world as they are, according to him, perfect and with no flaws unlike in real life. His love for games is such that he even goes into withdrawal if he doesn't play enough and has a bad habit of locking himself in his room and playing games for days on end when he's depressed.

    At the start of the series, Keima becomes involved in catching evil spirits or Weiss who have hidden themselves in the hearts of girls when he replies and accepts an email to help Elsie capture them due to a misunderstanding. As a result, Keima is forced by contractual agreement to help Elise or suffer the death penalty alongside her. Using his games as a reference, Keima first tries to know about a girl's background and problems, planning various scenarios with the girl or do things together with her to make her like him. When he finally figures out the girls are falling in love with him and he just needs to do one more final push, he utters his catchphrase "I can see the ending".

    In the beginning, Keima only helps Elsie conquer the hearts of girls in order finish his contract and go back to his "normal life" but as the series progress, Keima soon learns to start appreciate and care for the girls he conquered and promises to help them even though most of them have their memories erased after falling in love with him. This is even true for his view of the real world, something he once considered a world he doesn't want to be involved but now sees it as not such a bad thing. However, he still insists that the game world and its girls are still better. After conquering 14 girls, Keima is 'recruited' by Diana, one of the goddesses of the Jupiter Sisters, to help her find her sisters who may have resided within the girls he conquered before as the Jupiter Sisters have the power to reseal the evil spirits and thus finishing his contract. But he soon gets involved in a conspiracy when a mysterious group from Hell called Vintage plans to revive the Old Demons of Hell, revealed to be the evil spirits. After Kanon is injured by a Vintage assassin for possessing a Goddess inside of her, Keima, regrets not protecting her and plans to find the other goddesses quickly in a week in order to save her life.

    Whenever he isn't capturing spirits, he is almost always seen playing games on his PFP (a parody of Sony's PSP). Due to his habit of playing games all the time (including in class), he is physically weak. Yet despite his gaming habits, he is a genius in every subject and manages to get the top marks in his class. Although he has very little gaming experience outside of video games, he can pick up any game (including chess) and excel at it. Due to his snobbish and manipulative attitude, he tends to get the nerve of people including his friends and family yet despite these negative attributes, he has displayed genuine kindness and caring to others. In one point of the story, he switched bodies with a girl named Yui and got addicted with Otome games (Dating sims for girls) and even acted like a girl too. Since returning to his body, he blushes and acts like a girl whenever he's with Yui.

    His first name is derived from the term "gamer".[1] In addition, his first name is also the same as the name of a shogi piece, which is similar to the knight in international chess.

Elucia de Rux Ima (エリュシア・デ・ルート・イーマ Erushia de Lūte Īma?)

    Voiced by: Kanae Itō (Japanese), Luci Christian (English)
    Elucia or Elsie (エルシィ Erushii?) as she is commonly known, is the series' Deuteragonist and Keima's partner. Elsie is a 300-year-old demon from Hell who has been sent to Earth to capture Loose Souls as a Spirit Hunter. Despite her age, she acts rather childish. Elsie has a sweet, pure and innocent personality but is rather clumsy and easily distracted, which causes Keima to consider her unreliable. Despite these faults, Elsie is always trying to please Keima and convince him that she is a reliable partner.

    At the start of the series, she meets Keima after signing Docrow Skull's contract and on the impression that he was a womanizer, only to learn the awful truth that he misunderstood her email and is actually a womanizer of game girls. However, she manages to convince him that the girls in real life are similar to game girls, thus saving both their lives should he refuse. With her help, she assists Keima in conquering the hearts of girls so she can catch the evil spirits inside of them. In order to be close with Keima without suspicion, she becomes his younger sister(and calling him "Kami-nii-sama"(Divine Brother)) by giving a letter (written by her boss) to his mother, Mari, which claims she is her husband's illegitimate child, living in the Katsuragi household as well as attending the same class as him. Due to her outstanding performance in capturing spirits, she receives an Award for her hard work, much to shock to some of her demon friends who usually know Elsie as a klutz.

    Prior to the story, she was a cleaner for 298 years until she was recruited to the Spirit Hunters as there was a need for more hunters to help catch the Weiss on Earth. Elsie took the opportunity as this allowed her to follow in her older sister's footsteps, who is a famed Spirit Hunter. Elsie is always seen with her magical raiment, a floating long scarf which can change the appearance of an object, help her fly and create disguises or hide people in plain sight, a skull headband that detects spirits and a magical broom from her previous job.

    There are several running gags about Elsie which includes her cooking, while pleasing and delicious to demons like her, is disgusting to humans due to use of ingredients from Hell. Another is her misunderstanding of modern culture due to cultural differences which has led to some comical situations and her love for fire trucks. Due to her friendly and cheerful attitude, she has made a lot of human friends, which some ironically are the same girls whose hearts Keima has captured before their memories were erased. Despite being her "husband's illegitimate child", Mari adores Elsie and treats her like her own daughter. She is a big fan of the pop idol singer Kanon and is also in a rock band called the "2B Pencils" together with her friends Ayumi, Chihiro, Yui and Miyako with Elsie as the bassist. When Keima begins searching for the Jupiter Sisters, he decides to rely upon Elsie's friend Haqua instead as the latter has the expertise and knowledge he needs. But when Kanon is injured by a Vintage assassin, Keima has Elsie disguised and pretended to be Kanon in order not to cause a commotion and suspicion in public.

Haqua du Rot Herminium (ハクア・ド・ロット・ヘルミニウム Hakua do Lotto Heruminiumu?)
    Voiced by: Saori Hayami (Japanese), Kira Vincent-Davis (English)
    Haqua is a fellow Spirit hunter and friend of Elsie. A 300-year-old demon, she is an outstanding honor student and the District Chief of Area 32 in Nagumo City. As a child, she always tries to be the best in everything she does, hence her perfect record. But when she learns Elsie manages to catch five spirits while she has yet to catch one, she starts to lose her confidence which allowed a powerful spirit to take over her body. However, Elsie manages to save Haqua by calming her down, telling her that she will always look up to her no matter what, which forces the spirit out of her body and with Elsie's help, captures it. Since then, her confidence returns as she continues hunting spirits. Due to her intellect and knowledge, Keima sees her as his confidante when it involves the Demons of Hell and its history. Haqua later develops feelings for Keima but due to his odd behavior and personality, she just finds him irritating as well. When Keima gets involved in finding the other Jupiter Sisters to heal Kanon, she becomes his partner to help his search and disguises herself as Elsie to avoid suspicion. However, Haqua soon learns how deep the organization Vintage has infiltrated within the Spirit Hunters and the higher-ups of New Hell when she tries to report the corruption to her boss Docrow only to be arrested on suspicions of being a traitor by the Public Security Force who are in league with Vintage. Docrow is forced to fire Haqua from the Spirit Hunters but helps her escape to Earth.

    One of the running gags about Haqua is whenever she and Keima gets involved in a perverted situation, Keima completely ignores her even when she's naked, much to her anger as Haqua has a complex about the size of her breasts. As a Spirit Hunter, she too possess a skull headband and magical raiment like Elsie and also a Scythe which was given to her as the class Valedictorian. Her human partner is old woman named Yukie who she also lives with as well.
    Her first name is derived from "Cretaceous (白亜 Hakua?)".

Tenri Ayukawa (鮎川 天理 Ayukawa Tenri?)
    A shy 17-year-old girl from Maijima Municipal Misato East High School. A reticent childhood friend of Keima, she was his neighbor before his family moved seven years ago. In the present, she and her mother visits the Katsuragis where Keima does not remember her well. Unknown to Keima at first, he believes Tenri has a spirit inside of her but in reality it is a Goddess named Diana. Ten years ago during a school trip, both Keima and Tenri got lost in an underground cave where they both witness the Weiss (what evil spirits where called before) escaping from Hell and were saved by Diana who agreed to take over Tenri's body. In order to save Diana, who is being chased by Nora who believes Tenri has a spirit inside of her, Keima pretends to capture Tenri's heart and kiss her and have Elsie release a weak spirit in order to fool Nora. After that incident, Tenri's family soon moves next door to Keima's home.

    Tenri has been in love with Keima since they were children as she admired his ability to remain calm and collected no matter the situation. Despite Diana suggesting that Tenri should do more to make Keima fall for her, Tenri is just fine with their current relationship of being friends. She also enjoys doing magic tricks and playing with bubble wrap.

    As Diana's host, whenever Diana takes over Tenri's body, she is able to perform and do amazing feats that Tenri is unable to. While she usually does nothing when Diana takes over, Tenri will sometimes interfere if Diana does something she disapproves especially when it comes to Diana's attempts to make her and Keima closer. While not taking over, Diana can communicate and see others via reflective surfaces like glass or mirrors. Because of Diana's knowledge about Heaven's involvement with the New Hell regime, Keima usually meets Tenri to discuss with Diana about these topics. With recent events of Keima trying to find Diana's other sister Goddesses, Keima has warned Tenri to be careful as to not catch the attention of those targeting the Goddesses.

    Tenri's name is derived from Tenri Station (天理駅 Tenri-eki?) and her character design is modeled after Diana Barry, from Anne of Green Gables.

Conquered Targets
The following are the girls in the manga/anime that were once possessed by the Weiss. Each of the girls had a personal problem that allowed the spirits to hide inside their hearts where it feeds on their negative emotions and grows stronger. A side-effect of the possession is that the more powerful a Weiss gets, the host starts to manifest unique powers which is reflective of their personality. Most Weiss stay in their host until they are reborn as the girls' first born child; however, if the spirits are not removed before it becomes too powerful, they will take over their host. To prevent this, Keima tries to find out the girls' problems, try to solve it and make them fall in love with him (although there are variations for some of them). Once the spirit is forced out and captured, the girls' memories, including those of their acquaintances, are erased and modified by the Spirit Hunters, yet the girls' feelings for Keima and change of outlook remain. Each of the girls that Keima has helped are listed here chronologically.

Ayumi Takahara (高原 歩美 Takahara Ayumi?)
    Voiced by: Ayana Taketatsu (Japanese), Kaytha Coker (English)
    Keima's first conquest. An athletic, cheery 17-year-old girl, Ayumi is a member of the school's track-and-field team and Keima's classmate. She and Keima are often paired up for cleaning duty together which the latter despises due to her absentmindedness. She also tends to run carelessly into people. As Keima's first target, he tries to get her interested with him by showing his support (with Elsie's help) while she is training for the upcoming track-and-field tournament. While she at first is annoyed with his actions, she eventually gets used to him. However, the day before the tournament, Ayumi is confronted by jealous seniors and sprains her ankle during practice. However, Keima figures out that she faked her injury as the peer pressure from her seniors made her lack self-confidence. Keima consoles her and tells her to believe in herself, which makes her fall for Keima and kisses him, forcing the Loose Soul out. After winning the tournament and getting praised by her seniors, she becomes more eager to spend time with Keima and starts calling by his last name Katsuragi instead of his nickname Otamegane.[13]

    She is also friends with Elsie, Miyako, Chihiro and Yui where they a form a rock band called the "2B Pencils" with Ayumi as the Guitarist. Recently, Keima has suspected that she maybe a Goddess host due to Ayumi being interested with him and getting jealous over Kanon's confession to Keima. During Keima's search for the Jupiter Sisters, Keima gets sick and uses it as pretense to have Ayumi visit him to confirm her as the host of the Goddess Mercury.

    The cause of Ayumi's negative emotions was peer pressure from her seniors and her lack of confidence.

    Her surname is derived from Takanohara Station (高の原駅 Takanohara-eki?) and her habit of tying up her hair during track-and-field is a homage to Dōkyūsei's heroine, Misa Tanaka.

Mio Aoyama (青山 美生 Aoyama Mio?)
    Voiced by: Aoi Yūki (Japanese), Hilary Haag (English)
    A short, blonde 16-year-old girl from Majima Academy. An elitist with an imperious and disdainful pride, she is the daughter of the President of Aoyama Central Industries. As Keima's second target, Keima at first believes he can easily win her heart due to Mio displaying typical Tsundere characteristics but when he and Elsie secretly followed her home, learning that Mio's family fortune has fallen after her father passed away. Now living with her mother now lives in a shabby apartment, Mio refuses to accept this out of pride and maintain her upper class appearance. Taking advantage of knowing her secret to get close to, Keima becomes her chauffeur after her old chauffeur Morita quits over her stubborn pride, riding her to school in various Cycle rickshaws made by Elsie with Mio warming up to him eventually. After taking Mio to a party for the rich, Keima confronts her with the truth that what motivates her facade: Her refusal to accept her father's death and letting go of the past. Keima convinces her to accept the past and move on as this is what her father would want, which makes Mio fall for Keima as she realize he cares about her, which allows him to kiss her and forces the spirit out.

Soon after the spirit in her is captured, Mio has accepted her father's passing and financial situation yet still acts prideful with an interest in Keima though her memory of their time together was removed. When Keima encounters Mio again while he is in Yui's body, she is now working at a bakery[15] to help her mother. Due to her memories being modified, Mio is unsure and thinks Morita went with her to that party that night. Seeing Mio getting better, Keima wishes her good luck which Mio finds familiar.

    The cause of Mio's negative emotions was her refusal to accept her father's death and letting go of the past.

    Her surname is derived from Aoyamachō Station (青山町駅 Aoyamachō-eki?). Also, Mio originally appeared in Wakaki's one-shot prototype Make Love?! God!! (恋して?! 神様!! Koishite?! Kami-sama!!?) with the surname "Tsumagawa".

Kanon Nakagawa (中川 かのん Nakagawa Kanon?)
    Voiced by: Nao Tōyama (Japanese), Brittney Karbowski (English)
    A 16 year old teen idol and a classmate of Keima's who is currently a hit sensation for her quaint style, beauty and singing talents. While she studies at Majima Academy, she does not come to school frequently due to her busy work schedule. When Kanon finally returns to school in the story, she is shocked that Keima doesn't really know who she is and taze him as she has a slight Histrionic personality disorder as a result of people ignoring or unaware about her in the past and seeks attention from people and wants them to acknowledge her existence, hence her reason for becoming an idol. However her obsession to make Keima acknowledge her almost borderlines to Yandere tendencies which is the same time that Keima learns that she has a spirit. Keima at first tries to ignore her as unlike his past targets, Kanon tries to win him over rather than the other way around and fears being taze again but when he sees her turning invisible due to the power of the Weiss when she feels depressed, he figures out Kanon's problem and changes strategy by supporting her whenever she feels depressed which she does by sending him an obsessive number of emails. After Keima helps boost her confidence, Kanon is about to make her big performance at Narusawa Seaside Hall but soon gets second thoughts as she fears she will mess up and be forgotten again, she turns invisible and leaves her concert. But Keima finds her and encourages to believe in herself as she doesn't need to seek peoples attention to prove her existence as her hard work to become an idol was the proof all along. Encouraged by his words, she thanks him and kisses him (forcing the spirit out) before returning to her concert to do an amazing performance where Keima acknowledges Kanon as a shining star.

    After the events of the concert, Kanon becomes more confident and loses her need for attention seeking, yet she blushes whenever she meets Keima. It is later revealed that Kanon is the host of the Goddess Apollo and has begun remembering her lost memories with Keima thanks to Apollo's powers. However, she becomes the target of Fiore of Vintage which causes Kanon to be paranoid to the point she reveals to Keima she still remembers him and confesses her love to him in front of their class. But before Keima can do anything, Apollo takes over and runs away but is soon stabbed by Fiore with an enchanted cursed dagger. She was kept in a coma by the dagger but after reviving the second Goddess, Vulcan, the dagger was released and Kanon's life was put out of danger although she still is comatose due to Apollo's power "sinking". With the help of four of the Jupiter Sisters, Keima manages to contact Kanon within her dream world where both she and Apollo warn Keima of an upcoming threat.

    In the past, Kanon was a member of the pop idol group "Citron" with her bandmates Yuri and Lime before she went solo. Despite Citron's break up, her bandmates hold no animosity against her and even encourage her new solo career.[19] Kanon also wears glasses but only uses them when she's at school and in private.

    The cause of Kanon's negative emotions was her doubt and fear that people would not acknowledge her existence.
    Her surname was mistakenly written as Nishihara by the author in the Magazine serialization, but was later corrected in the manga volumes to her real surname Nakagawa, which is derived from Ise-Nakagawa Station (伊勢中川駅 Ise-Nakagawa-eki?).

Shiori Shiomiya (汐宮 栞 Shiomiya Shiori?)
    Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa (Japanese), Hilary Haag (English)
    A very shy and reticent 16 year old bibliophile from Majima Academy. A member of the Library Committee, she is a school librarian with her position in the committee as the secretary. Elsie first encounters Shiori and detects a spirit inside of her when she visits the library. After bringing Keima and investigating, they learn despite having an amazing ability to memorize all of the books of the library, Shiori is too shy to speak and takes to long to respond to others. The reason for this because as a child, she was shy to speak up as she was afraid of being misunderstood which is why it takes so long for her to reply. Yet it was also the same time that she discovers her love for books which was form of escape for her where she felt it wasn't necessary to talk to people as long as she had books. Because he doesn't know what she's thinking, Keima purposely angers Shiori in their encounters by writing library books or explaining why books are useless in today's age which causes her speaks out her mind in anger to the point she confusingly speaks out her inner thoughts. Thanks to this he is able to speak to Shiori normally. But when she learns the Library Committee are planning to dispose books for a media room, she locks and barricades the library as a protest. It is then when Keima joins her and confronts her with the truth that she isn't barricading herself to protect her books but herself to the world as she always wanted to talk to people but is afraid of being misunderstood. However Keima vows to be her support she needs and kisses her, finally forcing the spirit out. With her fears gone, Shiori is finally able to speak for herself and explains her reason to Library Committee, who agree to discuss about the fate of the disposed books.

    After the incident, Shiori is able to speak to people normally and continues her work at the library. However, she has some faint memories of her encounters with Keima and writes a story on what she remembers. During his search for the goddesses, Keima suspects Shiori is a host as the story she wrote is similar to their encounters before and is mad over the rumors of him and Kanon by having the character based on him killed. Later, it is revealed she is the host of Goddess Minerva but unlike the others, Minerva can exists outside of Shiori's body. However, Shiori is unaware who she is and Minerva is too shy to speak to her. Keima tries to repair their relationship after Shiori catches cross-dressing while he was dating Yui, by revealing he does remember their time together and helps her write a story for the school festival and for him to read. After suffering from Writer's Block, Shiori, with the help of Minerva, manages to write a story of her love for books but especially her love for Keima. Keima reads the story, telling her he enjoyed it and kisses her on the cheek, which restore Minerva's powers. After Keima leaves but not before giving her magical bracelet, Minerva properly introduces herself to Shiori.

    The cause of Shiori's negative emotions was her wish to speak out to others but fears of being misunderstood.
    Her surname is derived from Shionomiya Station (汐ノ宮駅 Shionomiya-eki?).

Kusunoki Kasuga (春日 楠 Kasuga Kusunoki?)
    Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu
    A 18 year old tomboy, third-year Majima Academy student and head and only member of the Girl's Karate Club. A practitioner of Kenpō, Kusunoki is the heir to her father's dojo and their family's martial arts called Koshikibujutsu Kasugaryuu Rashinkassatsujutsu (古式武術 春日流 羅新活殺術?, Ancient Martial Arts, Kasuga-Style, Life And Death Technique).[23] Keima and Elsie meet Kusunoki when she saved them from delinquents but also looks down on Keima's weakness. Upon learning that she is his next target and investigating by becoming her disciple in the Karate club, Keima's learns that Kusunoki is trying to be masculine in order to become her father's successor by suppressing her feminine side. However, Kusunoki secretly likes cute things but tries to despise them and stay away from them as she sees her femininity as a weakness. As her personality continues to polarize, the spirit inside of her causes Kusunoki feminine side to manifest itself. In order to draw out her feminine personality, Keima convinces Kusunoki to do do a very girlish activity; go on a date with him. After drawing it out where both the masculine Kusunoki and her feminine side fight it out over which personality should be the dominant one, Keima manages to convince both personalities to accept each other which her feminine side agrees to merge with Kusunoki as long as the latter accepts her femininity. Before completely merging, Kusunoki's feminine side takes over Kusunoki to kiss Keima to remember their date, which forces the spirit out.

    Since then, Kusunoki has opened up to her femininity which includes liking cute things and adopting a pet cat with new members joining the Girl's Karate Club. When Keima joins her family dojo in order to get to his next target, her older sister Hinoki, he learns she still remembers Keima during his time as her disciple but not during their date which she believes he ran away. He also learns that Kusunoki's femininity problems before stems from her sister Hinoki, who she admired the most, left for America after having a disagreement with their father over inheriting the dojo, and in order to fill the void Hinoki left, she focuses herself in martial arts to become what she was when Keima first meet her. Yet, Kusunoki becomes a valuable help later when a powerful Weiss takes over her sister's body where both she and Keima goes into Hinoki's heart to fight a possessed Hinoki. As the sisters battle, the possessed Hinoki reveals her hatred for Kusunoki for forcing her to maintain the image of the perfect older sister and denying her right to be who she really wanted to be. Kusunoki at first is reluctant to hurt Hinoki but after some encouragement from Keima, Kusunoki is able to defeat the spirit possessing her sister and tells Hinoki she apologize for what she had go through as she never wanted a perfect sister, she just wanted the older sister she loved and would still admire Hinoki no matter what path she choose which finally calms Hinoki's heart and forces the Weiss out. After Hinoki's Weiss was captured, the supernatural events that both she and Hinoki experienced were erased from their memories, yet the relationship between the Kasuga sisters is repaired.

    The cause of Kusunoki's negative emotions was her conflicted feelings to become masculine or feminine.
    Her surname is derived from Kasuga Station (春日駅 Kasuga-eki?). Her forename Kusunoki is the Japanese name of the Cinnamomum camphora.

Chihiro Kosaka (小阪 ちひろ Kosaka Chihiro?)
    Voiced by: Kana Asumi (Japanese), Serena Varghese (English)
    A 17 year old classmate and close friend of Ayumi and Elsie. A very average girl with no redeeming features whatsoever, she likes to make fun of Keima and his gaming habit but is helpful to Elsie. When Keima learns she is his next target, he refuses to get involve with her as she had insulted him earlier and the fact according to his gaming argot, acts like a background character with no defining characteristics. But upon seeing her cry after a popular boy she confess rejected her, feeling sorry, he tries to console her but he immediately changes his mind upon learning this is not the first time she has done this and will quickly get over it and find another popular boy she likes which leads to a fight between the two where he accuses her of playing around with love. Worried about them, Ayumi tricks both of them into cleaning duty, where Chihiro makes Keima help her to successfully confess to another boy which Keima agrees since he won't have to make her fall in love with him. With the time he spends helping her confession, ironically, Chihiro falls for Keima instead due to their similarities of having a sense of disappointment with the real world, which Keima does not take lightly when he learns she wants to call off the confession. After an argument between the two and realizing he never consider her feelings, Keima chases after Chihiro and confronts her where she shouts her feelings to him that an average girl like her can never be special but he kisses and tells her, as long as she truly wants it, nothing can stop her from becoming special, which forces the spirit out.

    Afterward, Chihiro's attitude towards Keima improves despite still making fun of him and with new confidence, she starts an all-female Rock band called the "2B Pencils" together with Ayumi, Elsie, Miyako and Yui with her as the band's singer and lead guitarist. During his search for the goddesses, Keima suspects Chihiro is a host as she acted with jealousy since Kanon confessed to him. Later in Keima's "sick play" scenario, Chihiro, after performing her little made up tune, confesses to Keima.

    The cause of Chihiro's negative emotions was her belief that she can never be special and will always be average.
    Her surname is derived from Kawachi-Kosaka Station (河内小阪駅 Kawachi-Kosaka-eki?).

Jun Nagase (長瀬 純 Nagase Jun?)
    Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki
    A 21 year old Narusawa Kyōiku University student, Maijima Academy graduate and Nikaido's junior. Returning to Maijima Academy as a student teacher for Keima's class, she is very passionate to help her students. Innocent and naive, she is a fan of the pro wrestler Jumbo Tsuruma. Concerned that Keima's is a troubled child, she tries to help him to open up and give-up on video games. But Keima, learning she has a spirit inside of her and in an attempt to get rid of it, does his best to try and get her angry, such as playing more games in class but his plans backfire which only causes her to be more concerned about him instead, which infuriates him. Eventually, Keima does cares about her when he unintentionally upsets her, causing her to try to help the other students in his class. After Keima asks Nikaido about her past, she reveals that both she and Jun were on the high school basketball team with Jun as the Team Captain but Jun passionate desire to aim for the championship caused the rest of the team to quit because they felt she was just forcing her ideals onto them. After her over-zealousness leads to a disagreement with the students in class, Keima confronts her and reveals that the problem wasn't because she was trying too hard but she was just giving up too easily and tells her to continue to follow her beliefs and not give up. Right afterward, the whole class (thanks to Keima's manipulations) reconciles with Jun. Before returning to Narusawa University after her time as a student teacher is over, she tells Keima that she will become a better teacher, make him give up video games and kisses him which expels the spirit.

    During Keima and Haqua's search for the Jupiter Sisters, they encounter Jun at her university who still remembers him. When he claims he has become a better student and Haqua is his girlfriend, Jun congratulates him without showing any signs of jealousy which Keima sees as proof that she doesn't have a goddess inside her as her memories of falling in love with him are gone.

    The cause of Jun's negative emotions was her doubt of having her ideals coming true.
    Her surname is derived from Nagase Station (長瀬駅 Nagase-eki?).

Tsukiyo Kujyō (九条 月夜 Kujyō Tukiyo?)
    A short, blond 17 year old Majima Academy student and the only member of the Astronomy Club. The daughter of designer Yoko Kujyō, she rarely attends class and is frequently on the school rooftop in her private observatory to watch the moon with her doll Luna which she holds dearly. Her cold personality comes from watching her parents fighting and later divorcing when she was younger, which made Tsukiyo hate the real world and wish she could live on the moon, her ideal world with Luna, a metaphor for her desire to escape reality. Keima encounters her and finding out she has a spirit after they both get into an argument over what is "true beauty". Later that night while watching the moon, she wishes she was beautiful just like Luna which the spirit inside of her shrinks her to Luna's size. Keima discovers her problem and with the help of Elsie, assists Tsukiyo with her situation. However, Tsukiyo begins to grow comfortable with her new life which Keima fears it will only widen the gap in her heart so he and Elsie make her new environment more bigger in order to frighten Tsukiyo by making her think she has become smaller but she later discovers the ruse and escapes to the roof. Keima confronts her there where he convince her despite what she believes, there is beauty within the real world. However, she accidentally falls but Keima jumps down to catch her and the two kiss and saved by Elsie's magical raiment. In the aftermath, Tsukiyo still goes to her observatory with Luna but without the carpet that acted as a border between her ideal world and the real world and watches Keima through her telescope, blushing.

    During his search for the Jupiter sisters, Keima suspects she has a goddess as she has return using the carpet for her observatory again after rumors of Kanon's confession and he is her boyfriend spread but he manages to convince her the rumors are not true. However, Keima's suspicion comes true when it is reveal that Tsukiyo is the host of the goddess Vulcan. Unfortunately, Vulcan via possessing Luna, catches Keima with Shiori and tries to kill him for being unfaithful but he escapes and confronts Tsukiyo and Vulcan at the observatory. There, Tsukiyo reveals she still remembers her time with him but is angry that he is three timing her along with Kanon and Shiori. Keima then tells her to trust him and that since he gives love to her then to give love back to him as well while receiving Vulcan's attacks. When Vulcan is about to finish Keima Tsukiyo intervenes and stops Vulcan revealing her true feelings and kissing Keima. Vulcan is currently the "most" developed Goddess by having a halo and a pair of wings that grew up when Tsukiyo kissed Keima. When Keima takes her to see Kanon, he encounters Fiore from Vintage and develops a plan to get her to reveal Vintage's plan and after hearing it Vulcan easily defeats her. With the help of Diana, they are able to removed Kanon/Apollo's curse.

    The cause of Tsukiyo's negative emotions was her hatred of humanity and reality's flaws.
    Her surname is derived from Kujō Station (九条駅 Kujō-eki?).

Minami Ikoma (井駒 みなみ Ikoma Minami?)
    A 15 year old Majima Academy Middle School student who is a member of the Swim Club. A naive girl who loves swimming, she has messy hair that won't straighten due to chlorine from swim practice which her younger brother makes fun of by calling her "Bird Nest". Her story is unique as it is mostly told by her own point of view. When she is first introduced, she learns that she has been selected as a third substitute for the school team despite wishing to be on the main team instead. As Minami laments on whether she should give up swimming just like her friends, Elsie detects a spirit inside of her and informs Keima. Then on one late night swimming practice, Minami meets Keima swimming at the school pool where she is captivated by his handsome looks and perfect swimming (thanks to Elsie help). At first, she believes Keima is a great senior within the Swim team, only to learn from her friends that Keima has an infamous reputation for being weird which leaves her very confused. Unknown to her, Keima is actually doing this to make Minami figure out the connection between the school's impression that he is a weirdo and her impression that he is an amazing athlete. As she starts stalking Keima and rides on the bus with him, Minami starts to fall in love with him which Keima decides to ask her out at the Tanabata Festival. After having a good time at the festival, Minami wishes to stay with him forever as the festival ends but Keima comforts her, teaching her that moving on and accepting the past is a part of growing up and kisses her, which forces the spirit out. After the festival, Minami becomes mature thanks to Keima's words (even though she has forgotten) and decides to stay and continue in the Swim Club. During Keima's search for the goddesses, Keima meets Minami again and finds out she does not remember who he is which he confirms she doesn't have a goddess. Before leaving, Keima asks Minami if she is still practicing swimming and wishes her luck.

    The cause of Minami's negative emotions was being unable to achieve her dreams.
    Her name is derived from Minami-Ikoma Station (南生駒駅 Minami-Ikoma-eki?).

Rieko Hinaga (日永 梨枝子 Hinaga Rieko?)
    An elderly woman living in the countryside where Keima's grandparents also live. While visiting his grandparents to celebrate the Obon festival with the rest of the Katsuragi family, Keima and Elsie meets Rieko and her granddaughter Airi, a little girl who speaks very scary things. At first, Keima and Elsie believes Airi has a spirit inside of her after seeing a ghost-like apparition of her appearing at the village cemetery at night but upon further investigating, Keima learns the apparition is actually Rieko due to the fact she looks similarly to her granddaughter when she was younger. As he meets Rieko at the cemetery, Elsie talks to the spirit possessing Rieko's body and convinces it to leave and surrender as Rieko is too old to bear children. At the cemetery, Rieko's apparition, now in a form when she was a teenager, explains to Keima the gap in heart was because she feels lonely and misses her family and friends who are either old, have left or passed away. However both she and Keima agrees that she was able to live a long and happy life before her apparition departs. In aftermath, Keima explains while she is no longer possessed by a spirit, the gap in Rieko's heart remains but she has accepted it and moved on with her life just like his grandparents.

    The cause of Rieko's negative emotions was her loneliness being without her loved ones and a wish of a return to the time of her youth.
    Her surname is derived from Hinaga Station (日永駅 Hinaga-eki?).

Sumire Uemoto (上本 スミレ Uemoto Sumire?)
    A 17 year old girl from Narusawa 3rd Public High School. Her a father is a chef and owner of a small Chinese restaurant called “Uemoto-ya” while her mother used to work there before she ran away which the only memento Sumire has of her mother is a cheongsam which she also wears while working at Uemoto-ya. Keima and Elsie first met Sumire during the last weeks of summer vacation while she goes out tasting every Ramen store’s ramen in the city. As they follow her to Uemoto-ya, they watch how both Sumire and her father have a thorny relationship which the latter doesn’t want her to work here. In order to figure out what is the cause of the gap in Sumire’s heart and the Uemoto’s family situation, Keima decides to work at Uemoto-ya much to Sumire’s suspicions. After gaining her trust, Sumire reveals she wants her father’s acceptance of her helping his ailing restaurant by researching the other Ramen stores and creating her own unique recipe of Ramen called “Sweet Ramen” with Keima as her food taster much to his displeasure as he dislike sweet food. After several failures and their relationship going smoothly, both Sumire and Keima finally make a Sweet Ramen that is delicious and edible. However, Sumire’s father refuses to eat it and tells her to just quit which Keima finally realizes the problem between father and daughter. In reality, both of them want the other to be happy which Sumire wants to help her father’s restaurant and her father wants Sumire to give up the restaurant and have a better life. Eventually, Keima manages to have her father taste a ramen made by Sumire which taste exactly like his which Sumire explains that all that she wants is to help him succeed which will make her happy. Realizing his mistake, her father finally relents and passes the restaurant to Sumire. Before Keima leaves, Sumire thanks Keima and promises to make any ramen he wants if he visits and kisses him which expels the spirit in her.

    After these events, the restaurant, now renamed "Sumire-ya" and under Sumire’s management becomes popular thanks to her Sweet Ramen which is a hit with the customers. While she still continues making new Ramen recipes and trying to lose weight from her research, Sumire remembers having a “boyfriend” but doesn’t remember who he was.

    The cause of Sumire’s negative emotions was her disappointment that her father refuses her help.
    Her surname is derived from Ōsaka Uehommachi Station (大阪上本町駅 Ōsaka Uehonmachi-eki?).

Nanaka Haibara (榛原 七香 Haibara Nanaka?)
    A quarter French, red head 17 year old from Maijima Municipal Misato East High School and member of the shogi club who speaks with a Kansai dialect. A classmate of Tenri who has returned from overseas, Nanaka is a champion shogi player with a short temper who doesn’t like to lose, an attitude she inherited from her French maternal grandfather. Despite her tough exterior, she cries very easily. Keima and Elsie first met Nanaka after she beaten the Majima Academy’s shogi club and wants to beat her “rival”, who is later revealed to be Tenri. Nanaka’s rivalry with Tenri began when Diana took over Tenri’s body and beat Nanaka in a shogi match. Refusing to accept defeat, Nanaka keeps challenging Tenri until she wins. Realizing it is Nanaka’s pride that is the cause of her negative emotions, Keima devises a three-part plan to force the spirit out. First, Keima beats Nanaka in shogi, then Diana will later beat him and finally both he and Nanaka will work together so that Nanaka can face Tenri/Diana where no matter if she wins or lose, Nanaka will accept the results. The first part of the plan works exactly as he predicted, but the second part went all too well when Diana, angered upon learning that Keima has kiss other girls than Tenri, beats him in shogi seriously. After Keima helps her train for the final part of his plan, Nanaka miraculously beats Diana when the latter makes a mistake that allows Nanaka to win. After celebrating her victory, Nanaka thanks Keima for supporting her as he was her “Third Knight” in shogi (As Keima means Knight in Japanese) and kisses him which expels the spirit. Nanaka still continues to play shogi with Tenri but confuses the Knight piece for the King piece much to her bewilderment.

    The cause of Nanaka's negative emotions was her pride of not accepting defeat.
    Her name is derived from Haibara Station (榛原駅 Haibara-eki?).

Yui Goidō (五位堂 結 Goidō Yui?)

    A 16 year old Majima Academy student and a former member of the Music Instruments Club who loves playing the drums. The second daughter of the Goidō family, one of the oldest and richest family's in Majima City, Yui life has always been ruled by her parents who insist that she becomes a proper lady. However, Yui wishes to have more freedom in her life but is unable to voice her complaint to her parents especially her overbearing mother. Keima first met Yui after she accidentally falls on him and was force to quit the Music Instruments Club by her mother which was also the same time that he learns she has spirit inside of her. When he learns of Yui's family situation from Elsie and Yui's friends, Keima comes up with a plan to make Yui fall for him that she will lose her family's influence on her. But things get an unexpected turn when the spirit causes both Yui and Keima to switch bodies due to stress and her sudden confusing feelings for Keima. With Elsie the only one to know their predicament, Keima promises Yui that he will try to find a way to fix it. At first both of them wanted to get back to their original bodies but soon they started feeling comfortable with their new bodies with Yui enjoying her new freedom of being a boy and talking like one and Keima becoming more feminine and addicted with Otome games much to the latter's horror. But after his encounter with Mio lifts his spirits, Keima figures out how to force Yui's spirit out. Thanks to his new knowledge from Otome games, Keima decides to become a "Damsel in Distress" in order to make her "Prince Charming", Yui, rescue him. Using her feelings for him, Keima pretends to be sick to make Yui worry about him which finally gives her the courage to sneak into her home to stand up to her mother and be with Keima who she loves and kisses him which forces the spirit out. However, Elsie is unable to catch the spirit as it has become a Level 4 and is too powerful but thanks to the help of mysterious ally, Yui's spirit is finally captured.

    After getting back to their original bodies, Yui becomes more independent from her family by becoming a tomboy and dressing in boys clothes, which gains her a huge popularity at school with both boys and girls. With her love of playing drums, she becomes the drummer of the 2-B Pencils with her new friends. During his search for the goddesses, Yui starts to take an interest with Keima as she fallen in love with him much to Keima's shock as she is chasing after him and his femininity returns every time he is with her. In order to learn if Yui has a goddess, Keima agrees to go on a date with Yui by crossdressing as a girl much to Yui's joy. His suspicions are later confirmed when the date becomes a catalyst which awakens the Goddess Mars inside of Yui. In order to restore her powers, Keima pretends to be captured by Haqua (disguised as a member of Vintage) which prompts Mars/Yui to go rescue Keima and kiss him, finally restoring Mars powers. After explaining everything to them, Keima tells both Mars and Yui to be careful about Vintage.

    The cause of Yui's negative emotions was her wish to have courage to be free and independent.
    Her surname is derived from Goidō Station (五位堂駅 Goidō-eki?).

Hinoki Kasuga (春日 檜 Kasuga Hinoki?)
    A 20 year old eccentric fashion designer, actress, and artist who is also Kusunoki's older sister. Loud, adventurous and ambitious, she carry's around a megaphone to speak out her thoughts. Keima and Elsie first meets Hinoki who has return to Japan from the US after five years to meet her younger sister, Kusunoki. Keima joins the Kasuga dojo and becomes Hinoki's accomplice in her zany schemes to learn what caused a Weiss to possesses her. At first, Keima is unable to find anything negative about her as he only learns Hinoki is better than Kusunoki in everything and left the family dojo five years ago as she refused to follow in her family's footsteps as she had bigger dreams than that. However, when he sees her turning into a giant several times where only he, Elsie, the other Spirit Hunters and their human partners can see, Keima soon realizes what is the cause. It is revealed, due to her ambitious desires, the spirit inside of her is feeding on those desires to make her bigger as her desires are her negative emotions as despite what she claims, Hinoki's current image is a lie as her desire to be successful in everything was to please Kusunoki who had high expectations for her, which causes a considerable amount of stress and pressure to Hinoki.

    Realizing he cannot solve Hinoki's problems by making her fall in love with him, Keima gets the only person who can solve it, Kusunoki. However, Fiore of Vintage disguises herself as Kusunoki and verbally insults Hinoki that she is ashamed Hinoki is a failure of a sister and wishes she would die which shocks her and causes the Weiss to be powerful, take over her giant body, make her even bigger, and be visible by everyone in the city. With no other choice, Keima and Kusunoki get inside Hinoki's heart to faced the possessed Hinoki. As the sisters battle, the possessed Hinoki reveals her hatred for Kusunoki for forcing her to maintain the image of the perfect older sister and denying her right to be who she really wanted to be. Kusunoki at first is reluctant to hurt Hinoki but after some encouragement from Keima, Kusunoki is able to defeat the spirit possessing her sister and tells Hinoki she apologize for what she had go through as she never wanted a perfect sister, she just wanted the older sister she loved and would still admire Hinoki no matter what path she chooses which finally calms Hinoki's heart and forces the Weiss out.

    After her spirit is captured thanks to the Spirit hunters and help from a certain teacher and her relationship with Kusunoki amended, Hinoki decides to return to the US to continue her job and find her own path but not before giving a french kiss to Keima much to Kusunoki's anger and embarrassment.

    Due to her ambitious and eccentric behavior, she is a well known fashion designer actress, and artist in the US and also drives a Mitsuoka Himiko sports car. After her spirit was captured, she continues to have contact with Kusunoki and wants her and Keima to be a couple much to Kusunoki's chargin.

    The cause of Hinoki's negative emotions was the stress and pressure to maintain her perfect image for her sister Kusunoki.
    Just like her sister Kusunoki, Hinoki's name is derived from the Kasuga Station and a tree. Her forename is derived from the Japanese cypress.


Chapter 9-16

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