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AKB49: Renai Kinshi Jourei

Name:     AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jourei
Alternate Name:     AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jouretsu
Year of Release:     2010
Status:     Ongoing
Author:     MIYAJIMA Reiji
Artist:     MIYAJIMA Reiji
Reading Direction:     Right to Left
Genre:     Gender Bender, Shounen, Slice of Life

AKB49: Renai Kinshi Jourei (AKB49〜恋愛禁止条例〜 AKB49 Ren'ai kinshi jōrei?) is an ongoing shōnen manga series based on the Japanese female idol group AKB48. This series is illustrated by Reiji Miyajima, and based on the original work by Fakutori Motoazabu. The story is told through the eyes of the 12th generation Kenkyūsei member Minoru Urayama. Real AKB48 members who also appear throughout the story.

AKB49: Renai Kinshi Jourei was first serialized in the 39th issue of the Weekly Shōnen Magazine on 25 August 2010. It was also released in the tankōbon format, with 4 volumes being released as of September 2011.

The story is set in the year 20XX, the year that female idol group AKB48 became world-famous with all their concerts being fully attended and their album sales breaking the Guinness World Records for the most copies sold. It follows Minoru Urayama, the first male member of the group, and other members of the 12th generation Kenkyūsei. Because the group's producer Yasushi Akimoto liked Minoru's hardworking attitude, he was placed in the center during the performances by the Kenkyūsei members. However, Akimoto issued a ultimatum to the Kenkyūsei members: earn 10000 yen in revenue and have a filled theater during their performances in two months or the 12th generation Kenkyūsei will be disbanded.

Minoru Urayama (浦山 実?) / Minori Urakawa (浦川 みのり?)
The main male character in the story and a 12th generation Kenkyūsei member of the female idol group AKB48. He is also known by his female name "Minori Urakawa" in this story. 167cm tall, Minoru has a younger sister.

Initially, Minoru had no interest in AKB48, and because of this, was laughed at by his classmates who were big fans of the group. However, in order to help Hiroko, his classmate whom he had a secret crush on, Minoru cross-dressed and participated in an audition together with her. Unwittingly, after he helped Hiroko pass her audition, he was selected by AKB48's producer Yasushi Akimoto to became a member of the group. Almost nobody suspected that he was a male, because he had a face that looked "pretty". He was often mistaken for another AKB48 member Sae Miyazawa by Yuko Oshima. Only member Mayu Watanabe suspected that he was a boy, though she was convinced by his explanation that he looked like one because he worked in a butler cafe. Producer Akimoto also knew that he was a male, but because he felt that Minoru made up for the traits that other girls were lacking, Minoru was allowed to remain in the group.

Hiroko Yoshinaga (吉永 寛子?)
A 12th generation Kenkyūsei member of AKB48. She is a big fan of the idol group, especially one of the lead member Atsuko Maeda. She would get very angry with anyone who criticized Maeda. She passed the 12th generation Kenkyūsei audition because she spoke out in defense of Maeda when Minoru criticized Maeda when he was asked the question "which is your favorite AKB48 member?".

A person who dislikes sports, Hiroko is frequently tired out by the dance trainings that all Kenkyūsei members have to go through, to the extent that she injures herself frequently. However, she is also very hardworking, and she frequently staying back after the practice sessions to continue dancing with Minoru.

Real-life characters

    Minami Takahashi (高橋 みなみ)

    AKB48 team A's captain.

    Haruna Kojima (小嶋 陽菜)

    AKB48 team A member.

    Mariko Shinoda (篠田 麻里子)

    AKB48 team A member.

    Atsuko Maeda (前田 敦子)
    AKB48 team A member. In this story, she is portrayed as a very hardworking member who is credited with making the group famous. However, after she appeared unenthusiastic in a series of concerts, people started to criticize her as "lazy", and her popularity starts to drop. She is Hiroko Yoshinaga's favorite idol in the group and is also the reason why she joined it as a Kenkyūsei member.

    Rino Sashihara (指原 莉乃)

    AKB48 team A member.

    Sayaka Akimoto (秋元 才加)

    AKB48 team K's captain

    Minami Minegishi (峯岸 みなみ)

    AKB48 team K member.

    Tomomi Itano (板野 友美)

    AKB48 team K member.

    Sae Miyazawa (宮澤 佐江)

    AKB48 team K member.

    Yūko Ōshima (大島 優子)
    AKB48 team K member. She was first introduced in this manga when Minoru Urayama accidentally stumbled into the AKB48 dressing room and surprised her. When interviewed, Yūko said that "when she read the manga, she felt like she was in that dressing room as illustrated by the author.".

    Yuki Kashiwagi (柏木 由紀)

    AKB48 team B's leader.

    Mayu Watanabe (渡辺 麻友)

    AKB48 team B member.

    Yasushi Akimoto (秋元康)

    The producer of AKB48. He is also featured in this manga as the producer of this group.


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