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Eden no Ori

Name:     Cage Of Eden
Alternate Name:     Eden no Ori
Year of Release:     2008
Status:     Ongoing
Author:     YAMADA Yoshinobu
Artist:     YAMADA Yoshinobu
Reading Direction:     Right to Left
Genre:     Action, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Shounen

Cage of Eden (エデンの檻 Eden no Ori?) is an Action fantasy, Survival horror manga by Yoshinobu Yamada. The manga began serialization in Weekly Shōnen Magazine in 2008 and as of September 2011, the manga has been published in 13 collected volumes by Kodansha. On December 12, 2010, Kodansha Comics USA announced they have licensed the manga in English for North America. The manga follows a group of teenage survivors of a plane crash who find themselves in a mysterious island inhabited by extinct prehistoric creatures and plants.

Akira Sengoku and his class had just finished their School Trip vacation at Guam and are on their way back home to Japan along with other passengers which include other classes from their school. But their trip takes an unexpected turn when their plane hits a freak turbulence and crashes. After recovering from being unconscious, Akira learns from his friends that they are on a mysterious island filled with extinct prehistoric creatures and plants. With nowhere to go, Akira leads a small group of survivors to find others like them and find shelter so they may find a way to go home and learn the mysteries of the island. However, not only will they have to face the dangerous Fauna and Flora but other human survivors who have gone mad.

Akira Sengoku
    The main protagonist of the story. While not very smart, Akira is a quicker learner and is very courageous and daring when he tries to save his friends. Despite being consider the class clown, Akira's courage and belief in doing the right thing has made many admire him that they appoint him as their leader.

Rion Akagami
    Akira's childhood friend. Strong and beautiful, Rion has known Akira since they were children and it is used to his playfulness. She began to have feelings for Akira but refuses to admit it.

Shirou Mariya
    A teenage prodigy who carries a laptop which contain facts about prehistoric fauna and flora. He was ranked first in his class for nine years running. Thanks to his encyclopedias, intelligence and wit, he is the group's strategist when he helps Akira in his plans.

Kouhei Arita    Akira's best friend before the crash. A likeable, popular boy at their school, Kouhei originally lead a large group of survivors but slowly leads a path of murder and paranoia after accidentally killing the pilot. Later he helps his best friend in escaping a flash flood inside a cave and goes away to find out on how to pay for his murders.

Kanako Oomori
    An air stewardess who joins Akira's group. She is very knowledgeable in First Aid.

Kouichi Yarai
    A troublemaker who unknown to his classmates is a genius and skilled fighter. Kouichi tries to find the secret behind the island and has his own small group of survivors.

Kazuma Zaji
    A tanned teenager. While perverted, Kazuma has a strong loyalty to his friends whom he considers like his own family. He gets injured later on after a fight with some of the island's animals. He is dying very slowly which makes him slowly tired and weak that he falls of a cliff.

Miina Isurugi (The Fake)
    A mischievous, crossdressing boy who disguises himself as Miina Isurugi, the granddaughter of billionaire Yoshimi Isurugi and heir to the Isurugi Conglomerate. Despite being a boy, everyone mostly refers to him as a "she". Akira and his group first meet "her" after being brought to "her" camp where she rules a group of defenseless men with three Yakuza gangsters as her bodyguards and enforcers. In truth, Miina is using the Yakuza not to rule the camp but to protect "herself" as Miina had witness the men in her camp raped and accidentally killed a woman named Towa, an air stewardess and colleague of Kanako. Miina the Fake would not meet the real Miina until after Akira's group gathered more survivors. 

Volume 13     

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