Jumat, 18 November 2011

~Sayonara Memories~

The sakura are in bloom
I’ve grown fond of this hill road
Ah, parting is such…

Those days of tears and laughter
As if they were only yesterday
This path now leads to the future
At least that’s what I think

The years bloomed and ended too quickly
You were totally happy about it
I simply just smiled
and said [I agree]
It wasn’t even long ago and yet
we can no longer go back to it

The feelings I couldn’t even express in words
yet still wanted to disclose to you
I wanted to do so
From the beginning till the end
We walked the way home together
Those treasured memories
I’ll never ever forget them

Spring has come, with it many other roads

I’ve always hoped for a day we’ll meet again
[Goodbye] I murmured softly
The skies then slowly changed, into blue
that’s why I cried for a little a bit

I even took a detour on purpose
So for just a little longer
I can be together with you…
I also jokingly said
[Oops, my bad]
I just had to indulge myself
on your smiling face and your sparkling eyes

The feelings I couldn’t even express in words
The simple walk we had I hold so dearly in my heart
Do you remember it too?
At that time
You called out my name
Two people walking home together under the night sky
I’ll never ever forget them

I’m very thankful for having ever met you

That was the very first time I saw the sakura in full bloom
How long has it been since…
Has everything changed?

Looking back, I suddenly remember
saying [This is the person I'll fall in love with]
I wonder why so?
I really have no idea
After that, each day made me very happy
yet at the same time
it was also painful.

Somehow, I couldn’t even say [Sorry]
That’s why I, you, er
wait, I’ll say something…
But right now
~I still don’t want to say goodbye~
Being stuck as just a friend
No way… I don’t want that…
I was going to say
you… always…
…Always! Ever since the beginning,
I’ve always loved you!

Aa, I finally said it

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